PlantSap™ is a specialist tool which gives the crop specialist the ability to provide the agricultural sector the most detailed and insightful data and further aid them in making the most correct and beneficial decisions.

What is PlantSap™ and what differentiates us?

The Analysis

The analysis provides the crop specialist with an easy-to-understand graph report which depicts a nutritional gradient. Three different results will be obtained through the analysis - sufficient, deficient and excessive. The report gives the crop specialist an opportunity to provide an all-encompassing solution to their clientele by taking into account the deficient and excessive markers of the analysis. The report will enable the crop specialist to make the best product selection possible.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is 5 - 7 business days, from sample-taking to the availability of the report. This short turnaround time, coupled with a wide array of markers, provides the crop specialist the opportunity to give the Farmer a real-time solution, which will solve problems before they become hazardous. We give you the opportunity to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling remains a standard practice which provides insight. PlantSap™ analysis is in fact a reflection of the nutrients available in the soil. Both of these methods are complementary to each other.


The PlantSap™ technology or service as a whole is underwritten by leaders in the fields of laboratory techniques, plant physiology/biochemistry and plant nutrition. The experts were continuously part of the development, improvement and further study of the methods in use.

The laboratory uses plant sap from selected leaves and tests for 25 different markers to provide a complete oversight to the crop specialist.

The markers we test for:

Global Markers
Brix, pH, EC, Chlorophyll
NO3, NH4, Total-N, NO2
Macro Elements
P, K, Ca, Mg and S
Micro Elements
B, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, and Mo
Si, Ni
Crital Markers
Na, Cl, Al, F
Analysis To Follow soon
Co and Se

PlantSap™ Technique

The analysis of plant sap is a proven technique being used successfully worldwide. PlantSap™ researched the best techniques available and created our own innovative product.

PlantSap™ is unique in the sense that information from the plant is provided in real-time. The information comes directly from the plant itself, which is most accurate.

Sampling Process

Sampling and the selection of specific leaves / procedures will be discussed as there are too many variables applicable. PlantSap™ training and accreditation must first be applied.

What is the difference between a PlantSap™ sample and a tissue sample?

The biggest difference between a traditional leaf sample and plant sap is that PlantSap analyzes the sap of the leaf, whereas a traditional leaf sample analyzes the tissue.

The traditional leaf sample provides a sum-total nutritional status of the previous 28 days, which manifests in the tissue of the leaf. PlantSap™ on the other hand, provides a real-time reflection of the current health and nutritional status of the plant. During the processing of the traditional leaf sample, the sample is dried, processed and the remaining tissue is analyzed. However, PlantSap™ extracts the undisturbed sap and analyzes it immediately.

The all-encompassing information will be provided to a crop specialist. During the traditional leaf sampling processing, contamination due to leaf spraying is a standard problem which questions the integrity of the results. PlantSap™ procedures do not allow for contamination and thereby secures the integrity of the results.

PlantSap™ Information Set

Insightful Information


Status Shown


Simplistic Reaction Plan


Onboarding Process



Optimising horticulture, using plant sap analysis as monitoring solution.


Leaders in plant sap analysis on the African continent.


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